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Seventech was created as a result of development strategy of Vastech Company which is lasting on the market since 2008. The power of our company is our team – highly motivated and focused on delivering the most difficult projects. Extensive knowledge about operational, administrative and financial aspects of the companies together with large experience in processes automation and computerization are bringing huge added value to our Customers. The strength of our solutions is individual approach to the products which must fit to the specific business needs of the Customer. As the outcome we provide extremely effective tool that meets all of even the most specific needs. Apart from the development team we have experienced analysts in the areas of sales, marketing, logistics, management, controlling, production, purchasing, safety and HR.



We deliver complete solutions for e-mails handling generally based on IBM technology. Our services include both the development of the concept of implementation (infrastructure) through the selection of hardware installation and configuration of servers, training and post-implementation support. We also provide colocation services in-house Data Center. Provided solutions for e-mail / calendars are fully integrated with other Customer’s applications


The “Seventech Flow” system is based on the IBM Notes & Domino technology. Particular applications of the “Seventech Flow” system support among others such processes as: circulation of documents – workflow, CRM, project management. The “Seventech Flow” applications also serve specific business areas mainly in the scope of company’s internal processes. The system is adjusted to the customer’s needs each time. The system may work both in the IBM Domino stationary environment and in the cloud environment and hybrid environment.


No sales, no result, no company. Therefore, it is essential to plan and control  properly  of the all activities of this department. Fully automated sales department means freeing up employee’s time, which he can spend on better service of existing and searching for new customers. In order to make it happen our solutions consists of:
  • Bespoke, dedicated CRM systems
  • Global customers and contacts database
  • Full integration with any ERP, email and calendar system already existing at Customer
  • All the activities registered in one place (e.g. email, phones, meeting, inquiries, offers, sales projects)
  • Fully automated inquiries handling
  • Fully automated budget and targets control
  • Competitors analysis tool
  • Call-center
  • Advanced reporting tools


Our approach to every project is very individual. It is preceded by an analysis of business processes, specifying the number and types of forms, workflow tracks, optimization and preparation of concept. Our aim is to make the system user friendly, therefore pay a huge attention to the ergonomics and user interface. Below are the most common functionality:
  • Scan directly to the database
  • Support for barcode
  • Workflow (attribution) manual or predefined for a particular type of document
  • Integration with the Polish Post (book-filing), others are possible as well
  • A separate workflow for the cost invoices with full description and validation and integration with the ERP system
  • Print documents, envelopes, correspondence log
  • Deadlines control (eg. Workflow steps, time responses to customer etc.)
  • Design of customer-specific forms


We realize that the projects in every company can be perceived differently. There are companies which as projects perceive realization of a major contract for the customer where are some stages, budget, number of documents, milestones etc., For others project is a kind of clip that collects in a whole variety of activities (eg. Meeting, correspondence, documentation). With this in mind, and our experience we are able to provide a system that is tailored to the needs of the customer. Below, there is the most commonly used functionality:
  • Register the project all activities (meeting notes, correspondence, invoices and cost of sales, operating hours, project documentation)
  • Planning and Settlement of the project budget (budget cost of breakdown, eg. For materials, wages, subcontracting, overheads, and operating hours)
  • Announcement of the project into phases and tasks and track the status and timing of implementation (Gantt chart)
  • Use of data on planned costs and revenues planning CashFlow months in the future


Our specialists have many years of experience in designing systems for the IBM platform. We have participated in dozens of projects both in Poland and abroad. In addition to having a team of proven analysts from various industries we serve you advice on how to build optimal and efficient solution



Production process needs to provide a solution that meets the highest standards of both the technology and management. With extensive experience in the field of automation, optimization, improving the safety of the production lines, we are able to meet any challenge, and in particular:
  • planning and implementation of solutions reducing dead time of the press
  • Planning and implementation of solutions, reducing die change time
  • Extrusion line software optimization
  • Introduction of good practices in the maintenance department in order to reduce downtime
  • Design and implementation of SCADA systems to improve the efficiency of production lines
  • Implementing good practices in the field of aluminium extrusion
  • Design and implementation of solutions improving safety at production lines
  • Design and implementation of MES systems in order to collect and optimize production lines
  • Design and implementation of KPI’s in order to achieve better results


In our team there are specialist who are having lots of experience by working as Sales Directors around the world. Therefore making a solution for our Customer we are always delivering solutions which are working in practice. What is more we provide full support and back up in making these processes more efficient.


Our team realizes bespoke projects, those where we must come up with such an IT solution which will fully adapt into to the specifics of the company. Our team made hundreds of successful projects in various industries, and based on this experience, we can advise you and come up with optimal solution for your company. Our goal is to provide a system which is fully adapted into Customer’s process.


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