Primary functionalities:
•    Client base (inclusive of prospects), suppliers, partners with contact persons
•    Integration with the GUS base
•    Registration of information on contact persons
•    From the counterparty card level, there are available all information and documents associated thereto, e.g.
•    correspondence (traditional and e-mail)
•    projects executed
•    activity/calendar items
•    invoices (purchases and sales)
•    documentation
•    Use of counterparty base as common address book to send e-mails
•    Possibility to integrate counterparty base with ERP or FK systems
•    Registration of incoming and outgoing e-mails
•    Registration of activity (calendar items) from the e-mail box
•    Categorizing of activities, e.g. meeting at client’s, meeting with supplier, phone call
•    Collective reporting of activities, e.g. By month, persons with calculation of quantity and time
•    Multi-criterion data search and possibility to export results to a CSV file
•    Support in creating and sending of offers
•    Registration and handling of orders
•    Registration of agreements
•    Registration of sales projects (targets)
•    Handling of serial correspondence (mass-mailing)
•    Handling of call-center (integration with telephone exchange)
•    Optional interface for mobile devices for selected functionalities 

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