Document circulation

Document circulation system comprises of many modules implemented under the Client’s needs. All applications are always adjusted at the stage of implementation to individual assumptions of an organization. Solutions offered by our company allow to digitize letters, categorize documents as well as define processes of workflow assignment.
The most popular modules of document circulation include:
•    Paper letters scanning center (optionally OCR integration)
•    Office (handling of incoming/outgoing correspondence)
•    Circulation of cost invoices with integration Client’s with FK/ERP Systems
•    Purchase process (Internal demand, Production orders)
•    Internal documents (e.g. Resolutions, memos, documents for inspection)
•    Knowledge base (e.g. ISO, Draft offers, Price lists, etc.)
•    Agreement and annex base (Annual register of agreements)
•    Circulation of secondments (domestic and foreign)
•    Circulation of a holiday request
•    Registers of medical documentations in the gray part
•    Optional integration with ePUAP and BIP platform
•    Other types of documents form under the Client’s needs (executed on individual request)
Primary functionalities:
•    Integration with GUS systems
•    Integration with Poczta Polska’s e-nadawca (e-consignor) systems
•    Handling of bar codes on documents
•    Definable Workflow mechanism
•    Records of the entire circulation history
•    Assignment of letters to categories, RWA, designs
•    Advanced security privileges

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